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VSR Music Group is now considering signing new artists for development!

What should I consider when looking for a record company?

Record labels focus on the business of music, music sales, and developing an artist’s career.

Are you tired of doing everything yourself? Would you rather spend your time concentrating on making great music instead of the business of music? A record label home would be of interest to you.

What makes VSR Music Group different?

We are first and foremost concerned with art and ministry. VSR strives to release music that is the best in the industry and strives to make every aspect of our company excellent. Along with that, our first priority is to work with artists who work diligently to have excellence and integrity at the core of their music ministry. (Please do not misinterpret this: VSR Music Group also cares about being profitable and selling music but this is a priority that is firmly in the number two position.)

We care about the freedom to create great art and we try to give each artist as much creative leeway as possible. There are times in the music industry where some decisions must be made with the emphasis on commercial viability, but we try to limit these decisions to those that are necessary.

What are some of the advantages of being signed to a record company?

When you are a signed artist, you have access to the relationships that the record company has built over its many years in the industry. This will give credibility to your art, give you a better chance for radio airplay, and a better chance at major media access. Being with a label also provides accurate sales, tracking and reporting, access to shows and possible tours only open to signed artists, and major distribution. In the case of VSR Music Group, the distributor is Capitol Christian Distribution: the number one distributor in the CBA market. In addition, VSR also provides:

  • Promotion for you and your music

  • Royalty and artist accounting

  • In house and contracted radio promotion for your music

  • A family atmosphere where you are highly valued and important. (After all, without an artist a label has no music to market.)

What does a development deal with VSR Music Group look like?

Initially, we offer you digital distribution through Capitol. This includes monetization through all digital outlets including but not limited to Itunes, Amazon, Walmart, Youtube, Rhapsody, Napster (subscription), Spotify and Pandora. If your music performs well in sales and plays through these mediums, we will move forward with pressing hard product and distributing to brick and mortar stores as well.

What does VSR ask of you?

All signed artists will be Christ-centered and willing to share the Word of God through music, and do their best to provide a good example of expressing love, patience, kindness, and integrity through their ministries. We know that as Christians we sometimes will not be perfect in every instance, but it is our utmost responsibility to do our very best to be a good ambassador of the Gospel.

Signed artists should expect to perform or tour at least three to four times per month and have a measureable fan base and online presence including social media.

Signed artists will have a completed recording project that is mastered and ready for distribution in the form of a single, EP or full length album.

In the event of a radio release of a single, the artist will fund the initial promotion cost. This cost varies depending on the market(s) into which the artist releases the single.(Since this is the riskiest part of the industry, VSR Music Group would like to see positive response and activity prior to taking the risk and funding radio promotion for developing artists.)

If recording is needed, VSR has access to SonicPhish Productions in Mesa, Arizona that features award-winning Producer-Mixer-Musician Ken Mary. SonicPhish Productions has been involved in 35 albums with sales totaling over 5 million copies world-wide.

VSR Music Group’s past and current roster includes:

Seventh Day Slumber, Esterlyn, Silverline, Ever Stays Red, Chris and Conrad, Grammy Award winning artist Daniel Winans, and many more!

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