With an incredible talent that cannot be ignored, Anna's powerful and commanding vocals have been compared to the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Pink. This may, at first, seem at complete odds with her gentle, kind, and engaging personality and her tender heart for the lost. She started as a singer at a very young age. One of Anna's favorite memories as a child was when she was four years old, visiting her grandparents' home. She found a "dress-up" dress and looked for anything that would serve as a microphone, and began singing songs about whatever came to mind, including (but not limited to) popcorn.

Fast forward to Anna as an adult. When "If Today Was Your Last Day" was brought to Anna as a possible single, she was very excited.

"I was really moved by this song, so it was very easy for me to sing it and at the same time 'feel' it. I remember when I first heard this song and I loved it then- both in music and message. It is a very thought-provoking song. Are you really living each day to the fullest and having the impact you were meant to have? I did inwardly go through some very dark times, but when I finally decided to break through the darkness and fear, and reconnect with the grace God has provided to me through Christ's sacrifice on the cross, I was no longer wasting time."

With the universal appeal of her voice, put together with amazing songs, we expect great things for Anna in the very near future.