Some things are just meant to be: Abram and his call from Haran, Johnny Cash and Nickajack Cave, and the adoption of a little girl from China named Esterlyn. What binds these seemingly unrelated events together? The power of God’s love to transform each person’s life. Esterlyn frontman Luke Caldwell experienced such a personal call when he was just 19 years old. A young girl walked up to him and handed him a guitar exclaiming that God told her to give it to him. There was just one problem: Luke had never sung or played a song in his life. That very day friends prayed over him and asked God to create in Luke a "heart of worship." Years later, inspired by the adoption of Luke’s niece named Esterlyn, the band Esterlyn was formed. Esterlyn's latest album release with VSR Music Group is "Love."

Esterlyn has built an extremely loyal fan-base over the past three years. Their independent release of "Lamps" sold over 20,000 units without any major distribution, and they continued to garner critical and popular acclaim performing at Acquire the Fire events nationwide as well as touring with national acts such as Kutless and Fireflight.

Driven by the call and convicted by the love of an ever gracious Savior, Esterlyn sings impassioned worship songs with an Indie flare that refreshes the soul and exalts a God worthy to be praised. Esterlyn’s addictive melodies grounded in a mature sound will leave you pondering the various ways in which a Creator and His Creation reach out to each other and Call Out.