Dan Francis


Dan Francis first met Jesus at a Steubenville Youth Conference, at the age of 17. As a performer and worship leader, he exudes a joy and an honesty that connect with hearts on a deep level.

Dan describes his journey that led up to his debut EP The Walls as this:

"Foremost in my life is my relationship with God, and my beautiful wife and seven children, and serving the local Church. I firmly believe the best worship songs come out of a person's experience of Christ, through community. I'm very proud of this project because it is just that: all the joy and struggle of the past few years of my life and experiencing God, put to song.

Four years ago, I had a great job in the music industry, I was part of a wonderful ministry community at two different churches, and I had co-written the beginnings of what would eventually be “The Walls” (title track) and “No Other Name” with my friend, Matt Maher (5 time Grammy Nominee, Dove Award winner, et al.). Not far underneath the surface of an ideal life, I was dealing with crippling anxiety and depression. One night after work I called my wife on the phone to say goodbye, because I was going to drive my car off of an overpass to commit suicide. Well, I didn’t, and I received the help I needed. More importantly I learned how to REALLY receive the love that God has for me. My EP was born out of this journey from death, to deliverance and full life in Christ."

Dan is a living testimony of how God's grace can LITERALLY save a life.

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Never a band to shy away from a fight, Seventh Day Slumber comes out swinging again with their latest release, Redline.

“We are very excited about what God has laid on our hearts to share with the world,” states lead vocalist Joseph Rojas. “The overall tone of this record is apositive message about finding hope in the toughest circumstances. But on the flip side, we see how unbalanced our country has become over the years and how God is being left out of just about everything.”

With Redline, Seventh Day Slumber brings a musical experience that is exactly what you have come to expect: A no holds barred, “tell it like it is” album that takes on the tough topics of the day. States Rojas, “Redline is lyrically a metaphor for the current state of our country. Think of the red line of the tachometer in a race car. If you run the car in the red too long, it will literally blow the engine up. It seems our country is in the same position. We have great division in this country like we have never seen before. We are ‘running in the red,’ and we can only do that for so long.”

Adds Rojas, “We hear from our fans everyday through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many people are simply looking for answers to their everyday problems. Our goal with this record is to let them know that the answers they are looking for aren’t found on social media or their favorite website. The answers they are looking for can only be found in one place; in the arms of Jesus Christ.”

The first single from Redline is the high energy hit “Bring It On.” Lyrically, emotionally, and sonically it is a track that embodies exactly who Seventh Day Slumber was, is, and will always be; a band ready and willing to fight the good fight. The song lyrics include these lines: “I can take anything that you’ve got, we can go ‘til the knockout’s thrown. I know that the battle’s already won, so bring it on!”

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